Privacy is golden. What people do not know, they cannot ruin.

Looking forward to 2021 for a change of environment. Where I live is a beautiful Mediterranean paradise, but time is to move on. It is time to explore new continents and build as a person. Regrets are not a thing I want in my old age. Now is the time to do this, now is the time to travel the world.

This is my first medium post. My aim is to travel the world and make income from my computer. Some say I am crazy, but I do not care, I only have one life and want to see as much as the world as possible.

The opportunities today are like no other; we are able to find our audiences, find the people who have the same interests. The power of the internet has made us closer, destroyed barriers and made the world a much smaller place.


Havi Keni

Building multiple incomes online, follow my story.

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